Although ‘King’s Cross’ is the author’s debut novel, he has had several short stories published before. ‘King’s Cross’ took him five months to write, usually working for 10 hours a day, seven days a week. Nick is hard at work on his second novel, which is similar to ‘King’s Cross’ genre-wise, but not as spooky. His third work – only in an ‘embryonic stage’ at present - will be completely different. This story, although fictional, will tackle the subject of human trafficking, a matter which Nick is very passionate about. While researching this novel, he was shocked to discover that the number of people entrapped in slavery, worldwide, totals 35 million Ross Gazette




Former  architectural journalist Nick Jones, who moved to Herefordshire 20 years ago, has just published his first novel, ‘King’s Cross’. “Like all journalists, you believe you have a book stored away and it’s just a matter of clearing the decks and taking the time to do it, but I didn’t realise what a long and angst-making process it is.” The novel was inspired by a re-viewing of the film ‘The Innocents’. “I was so impressed by the film that I thought: ‘I’m going to have a go at this.’ I wanted to write a story which was similarly unsettling. I didn’t want to scare the life out of people; I just wanted to leave them feeling a little uncomfortable.”  Hereford Times






This book grabbed my attention from the start. I thought that it was a well written clever story with a very unusual ending !  Looking forward to Nick Jones next book.   Mrs Ubique




I've just finished reading King's Cross, and I enjoyed it very much indeed. I'm still thinking about it and trying to reconcile in my mind the mixture of real life with ghostliness. Am I right in thinking that you meant your readers to feel puzzled? Looking forward very much to your next book.   Sasha Lubetkin



 Very few times that a book has grasped me to the point of reading it from front to back in one day!! This little gem was one of them Filled with the right balance of organic realism to the mysterious intrigue of individuals - well written and a pleasure to read. Looking forward to the next book Nick!!  Tee Blake




Nick Jones’ debut novella certainly qualifies as ‘dark fiction’. The author says he set out to ‘discomfort’ his readers. Much in the same way  that Henry James gave us sleepless nights after our first reading of ‘The Turn of the Screw.’

‘King’s Cross’ is a contemporary story set in Sicily and London. Mark Sutton has decided to recuperate from a nervous breakdown, by going  on a quiet religious retreat in a convent on the Mediterranean island, where he meets – and falls in love with – a beautiful young nun named Beatrice.

When the action moves to the King’s Cross district of London, things get  fraught for poor old Mark. The story doesn’t have a happy ending, though there is a surprise twist on the final page.

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Local author Nick Jones is due to publish his second novel this month-The Shropshire Stalker.

Described as a tense psychological thriller, it is set in the market town of Ludlow and surrounding countryside, and features the activities of a female stalker and her relentless pursuit of a local bookshop proprietor. 

The Hereford-based writer admits that his latest book was inspired by a re-viewing of the 1987 movie ‘Fatal Attraction’. He says: “I was intrigued by the subject of stalking, especially when the roles are reversed, so to speak, so that the predatory stalker is a woman and her hapless quarry is a man.” 

Nick Jones is currently completing the first draft of a manuscript for a thriller set in Cuba and Brazil, which focuses on the emotive issue of modern slavery.      Ross Gazette              

‘The Shropshire Stalker’ is a psychological thriller with its central theme the highly topical subject of stalking – but with a supernatural twist. 

Set in and around historic Ludlow, an apparent haven of calm and tranquillity, millionaire - and sorceress - Eva Carlsson erupts into her ex-lover Anthony’s ordered life, throwing everything out of balance.  

Nick is already at work on his next novel, aiming for publication next year, in which he tackles the weightier subject of human trafficking. “Twenty-first century human trafficking, is nothing more than modern slavery,” says the writer.” Ludlow Advertiser





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